Exclusion and Articulation: Transgender Counter-Public in the Indian Public Sphere

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Parul Priya
Anurag Kumar


The study attempts to locate transgender counter-public as an alternate public sphere in India. It argues that transgender counter-public is necessitated owing to the exclusionary practices of the Indian public sphere as well as the successive counter-public spheres. The study, further claims that transgender counter-public is constructed by critiquing the marginalisation of transgender people through exclusionary practices, and articulation of concerns linked to transgender people. Public discourse analysis of both discursive arenas—print: newspaper articles, journal articles, autobiographies, biographies, memoir, and others, and non-discursive arenas—activism, pride parade, protests and alike have been adopted as methodology. The study concludes that transgender counter-public achieves the dissemination of their concerns to the wider public that exclusion and discrimination of transgender people are a denial of social justice in the democratic social structure.


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Priya, P., & Kumar, A. (2020). Exclusion and Articulation: Transgender Counter-Public in the Indian Public Sphere . Space and Culture, India, 7(4), 32-44. https://doi.org/10.20896/saci.v7i4.556
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Received 2019-05-31
Accepted 2020-02-05
Published 2020-03-29


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