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Scopus Reevaluation


The Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) decided to continue with the indexing of the journal Space and Culture, India, in Scopus (12 September 2022). Any content paused during the reevaluation is to be added to the ranking. The decision results from our strong appeal that a complainant maliciously targeted the journal, leading to the de-indexing. The editorial team is vindicated that reevaluation restored the journal's previous status. The Journal has been added to the Scopus Source List, November 2022 (Source Record ID 21100814517). 

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World Social Work Day


Journal Space And Culture, India celebrated the World Social Work Day on 15 March 2022, titled Co-building a new eco-social world: Leaving no one behind. It was organised by the Brisbane Institute of Strengths-Based Practice in partnership with Professional Bodies and Departments of Social Work in Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal and India.

Journal Space And Culture, India, in collaboration with the Department of English Language Teaching, Gauhati University, have been holding Late Mrs Meera  Bhattacharyya Memorial Award since 2018. The names of the awardees in the respective years are as follows:

2018: Miss Pooja Bhowmik
2019: Miss Sewabrata Parasar
2020: Miss Eujini Ulupi Kashyap
2021: Miss Shriya Regmi
2022: Miss Hima Bharali

Department of Economics, Goalpara College, Goalpara, Assam & Journal Space and Culture, India, co-jointly organized and completed the Certificate Training Course  On  Gender Economics And Everyday Living, 09 -19 December 2021.

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Inclusion in Scopus


12th December 2016: The journal Space and Culture, India has been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). The reviewer comments: 'This is a well-organized journal publishing articles that are very well cited, an indication of the importance of the journal in its scholarly field. The journal gives every impression of being in rude health, from the production schedule to the editorial policy, although the homepage might be improved. The journal merits inclusion in SCOPUS for all of these reasons.'

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