Modernisation of Social Conscience: Topical Problems of Literary Local Lore

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Zinulla Mutiyev
Aidarbek Akbulatov
Marat Azhgaliyev
Rita Sultangaliyeva
Bakytgul Shagimgereyeva


Literary study of local lore is a specific area of knowledge about the history of literature, which is distinct in a special selection of material, and an aspect of its consideration. Local lore contributes to the learning of historical, cultural, geographical peculiarities of a particular territory. This paper deals with the issues of local lore. The research of the artistic heritage of poets and writers of the Cis-Ural Region, West-Kazakh District is one of the topical problems of contemporary literature.In this paper, the works of the Russian poets are discussed considering the writers of the 20th –early 21st centuries, such as A.S. Pushkin, V.I. Dahl, M.A. Sholokhov and the great Tatar poet Gabdulla Tuqay. It has been establishedthat the best of Gabdulla’sworks, included in the gold reserves of the Tartar literature, was written in the town of Uralsk. It has also been establishedthat the poets and writers of the Cis-Ural Region contributed new genres to the literature, namely prose and drama. The study of cultural and spiritual ties with kindred Turkic-speaking peoples today is one of the priorities of the Kazakh literary criticism. At the same time, the authors have found the following ways of solution of such tasks: the introduction of the “LiteraryLocal Lore” elective course to the study process of secondary and high schools, writing of monographs, and compilation of anthologies. The paper will be useful for teaching the subject of "Literary Regional Studies" becausethe course based on the cognitive material, which considers and propagates the development and prosperity of the national fictional literature, as well as its investigation from a scientific point of view and transmission of the values to the younger generation.


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Mutiyev, Z., Akbulatov, A., Azhgaliyev, M., Sultangaliyeva, R., & Shagimgereyeva, B. (2018). Modernisation of Social Conscience: Topical Problems of Literary Local Lore. Space and Culture, India, 6(4), 102-111.
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Received 2018-10-16
Accepted 2018-10-31
Published 2018-12-23


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